Fratelli Engineering has been featured in Australia’s Best Manufacturing Magazine. A high quality business magazine for the manufacturing industry in Australia – as voted by an expert panel of judges in the category of B2B Magazine Of The Year at the Publishers Australia Excellence Awards 2010.

“A successful steel fabrication and steel sales business, Fratelli Engineering has been operating since 1996. Having experienced constant growth during this time, the company has today “expanded to include a hardware division, Alliance Hardware.

Managing director Sam Leo has been with the company throughout this journey, leading the Fratelli Engineering team with enthusiasm, knowledge, and extensive experience. Under Sam’s guidance, the company strives to manufacture the best possible products at the most competitive prices.

Always proud to put the Fratelli Engineering name on all its products, the company maintains a strong code of ethics – upholding strict product confidentiality and constantly promoting customer products.

One such customer is ACO Polycrete. Fratelli Engineering and ACO Polycrete have shared a unique relationship over the last nine years and have been key contributors to each other’s success. The company has a strong knowledge of the ACo products and can advise and share product information.”

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