From humble beginnings, Sam Leo labored tirelessly to grow his backyard hobby into a thriving business. Sam began fabricating wrought iron and steel fencing before finally realizing the possibilities of something greater. Soon after, the company name, ‘Fratelli Engineering’ was born. The name ‘Fratelli’ meaning ‘Brothers’ in Italian, suggests strong family ties and values which can be seen replicated within the business amongst its employees.  The company was registered on the 23rd of February 1996 and has since expanded to accommodate over 15 specialized staff members.

Now located at the corner of Chapman St and Joseph St in Blackburn North, the business started out at 66 Lexton Rd. However, due to rapid expansion, the business was forced to move across the road to a larger Factory at 61-63 Lexton Rd.

After nearly 20 years in business working at this location, the business needed to expand and required an even larger premises. In 2015, Fratelli Engineering decided to move to 39-51 Chapman St, Blackburn North.

The business comprises of a main office, drafting office, fabricating factory and several storage sheds, for steel supplies and grating. Several forklifts run as well as up-to-date, well maintained machinery.  All of this allows for the best possible service to be provided to clients and customers alike.